Design and Creation - From Idea to Art

All of the pieces are lovingly designed by myself. I spend hours experimenting with color combinations, stones and shapes within my different lines, and I don’t stop until the finished product satisfies my aesthetic and functional design sensibilities.

It is my hope that this gives my clients enough variety so they come across a piece that was made, as if, just for them.

All the pieces are manufactured by myself, my dear assist and and bestie, Oratile Thebe, or by a selection of talented, local South African emerging jewelers.

While much Night Shine Candy jewelry is handmade, certain processes are used to make the creation process more efficient.

The jewelry is hand assembled using a combination of:

  • Hand-made components
  • Cast components – design elements that are replicated using a process known as ‘Investment Casting’.
  • Pre-Fabricated components - namely chains and small clasps
  • Lazer-cut acrylic

Craftsmanship and Quality testing

It is important to me that the piece you receive will bring you pleasure from the moment you get it and for a long time after. I regularly research and experiment with different materials and techniques to enhance the quality, durability and longevity of Night Shine Candy Jewelry. The folks I outsource a portion of the manufacture to are as detail-focused as I am.

Once made, every piece is thoroughly examined and tested by me for durability to ensure that it is perfect for you to take it home and enjoy.

However, as with all jewelry, the pieces are somewhat delicate and can be damaged if handled carelessly.


I use Sterling Silver, Brass or a combination of Silver and Brass. For years I tried to figure out if I was a gold or a silver girl. Eventually I decided to get the best of both and to combine them in wonderful ways.

Brass: unlike silver, brass tends to tarnish very quickly. I therefore pain-stakingly coat our brass with a hard varnish to ensure that they keep their golden gleam for longer. The varnish is hard wearing but may eventually wear after regular use.

Gold plated chain: As brass chains are difficult to coat with varnish, I have sourced gold-plated brass chain for some of the Medley Necklace pieces. I quality tested the chain I use by wearing it non-stop for a month with very good results, however regular use will eventually cause wear on the chain. *

Take a look at the Jewelry Care section for tips on how to keep your jewelry looking fresh for longer.


I love gemstones both in their raw, crystalline state as well as cut into beads and faceted stones. I use all types in the pieces I make, depending on the design.

I usually use natural stones, but sometimes I come across some man-made stunners that I cannot resist. The nature of each stone is disclosed in the product description, to the best of my knowledge.

I have been gemstone obsessed from before I can remember, gathering a lovely collection of a variety of crystals and minerals. At first my father and I went on the hunt at thrift markets and antique fairs. Later I visited spiritual fairs.

As my tastes and appreciation of gemstones became more refined, I formed a few close relationships with local gemstone cutters and dealers. These days, where possible, I source stones directly from the gem cutters or from dealers that have close relationship with gem cutters.

Found Objects of Curiosity

I have a fascination for cabinets of curiosity and enjoy using an assortment of strange and wonderful bits and bobs in some of my pieces. These bits are things that my craft hoarder heart could not leave to be abandoned and unwanted. I gathered the miscellanea over two decades (and going strong) – clock parts, machine parts, interesting nails, ceramics, bits of nature (bark, shells, stones, seeds etc), bits of vintage and dare I same some antique (or simply bloody old) parts or jewelry, ornaments, tools and bits that defy identification.